Should You Get a Breast Pump?


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Breast pumps seem to be quite popular today and if you are a new mom, or you are expecting, you may wonder whether you need one or not. There are certain situations that make a breast pump a must have item, so you should know a bit about them first.


Situations that require the use of a breast pump


Some moms need a breast pump more than others. Here are some of the circumstances that dictate the need to acquire a breast pump:


       Your baby experiences problems when nursing. In order to keep your milk supply steady, regular pumping is recommended.

       You have to increase the supply of milk. This may happen when you want to feed another child that belongs to a different mother.

       You want to go back to work, but you do not want to depend on baby formula for feeding your baby. Since breast milk is still the best, pumping and storing milk in glass bottles is a good idea.

       You need to leave your baby with someone else for a while. Be it because you have obligations, or you want to unwind for a few hours, you may need to leave enough milk for the baby in a bottle so they can feed while you are away.

       You want to offer some of your milk to other mothers who cannot breastfeed their babies.


You can wait until the baby is born


There is no way of telling in advance if your baby is going to experience problems when nursing. If you are still pregnant and you are yet to make a decision about getting or not a breast pump, the best recommendation is to wait until the baby is born and take things from there. You do not have to feel pressed in any way to make a decision if the time is not yet right.


Hospital grade pump or regular pump?


If you notice your baby having problems nursing, these problems will usually be obvious since you are still in the hospital. A hospital grade pump will be the best choice, because it will help you maintain a steady milk supply without too much trouble. In case you need a breast pump for other reasons, that are not so imposing, a regular breast pump will be a great solution. There are so many models on the market, that you will only need to compare them a bit to see which one is best for you.

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