How Much Should You Spend On A Washer And Dryer?

Washers and dryers have been around for decades helping people clean their clothes effectively with the least amount of efforts. Making a decision about buying a washer and a dryer is very difficult. Different manufacturers promise different things. Here are some of the things you should consider before buying a washer and a dryer.


How Much To Spend

The best machines in the market are the ones that possess the below qualities. The top three washers and dryers available in the market that meet these standards are LG’s TurboWash, Samsung’s SuperSpeed, and Kenmore’s Accela-Wash.


The LG TurboWash costs approximately $1,439.99. They offer free shipping as well. Additional 3-year and 4-year protection is available at $103.45 and $174.96 respectively.

LG turbo

Samsung SuperSpeed is priced at $1,429 with special offers available every now and then.


Kenmore Accela-Wash is priced at $1,200 with shipping charged at $55.


Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient

The best washers save energy as well as water. Most washers wash clothes well, however take longer to wash them. An efficient washer should be able to cut the time of the wash into half. This will help conserve energy and save over 60% water. Front load washers usually take longer than top loading washers do. The best washers cut down on wash time for lightly soiled loads or even smaller loads. These washers usually recognize the need to cut down the wash time or have an option in their settings that cuts down the time.


Size of The Washer

Many manufacturers are making washers high on capacity. This means that some tubs have gotten bigger and some washers have even got taller. This makes it difficult for shorter people to grab clothes at the bottom of the tub. Before buying a washer, pretend to reach into the washer to grab clothes. If you feel that you will need tongs to retrieve the last piece of clothing from the bottom, buy another washer.


Loading Waterproof Clothes

Many washers and dryers are unable to handle the load of washing waterproof clothes like raincoats and rain jackets. Many times water is stuck in the clothes and the load becomes unbalanced. This caused the washer to vibrate. This can even damage the washer and dryer. Always check the manufacturer’s manual for waterproof clothing before buying a washer. This could save you a lot of money in future.


Efficient Dryer

Investing in an efficient dryer is very important. Most dryers consume a high amount of energy and do not dry clothes as effectively. LG has come up with a new concept of recycling the heat that is generated during drying. This saves on the cost of electricity. Never rely on the sensors of the dryer while drying the clothes. Over a period, the sensors are not able to detect the amount of water on clothes. This caused the clothes to stay wet and the dryer shutting off. Instead, use a timer while drying clothes. You need to know how wet the clothes are and how much time the dryer would need to dry the clothes. However, be careful of over drying your clothes. This can result in the fabric losing texture and colors fading.

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